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Ryan Correll is a talented film Director born and raised in the heart of the entertainment industry - Los Angeles, CA.


With a strong foundation in filmmaking from his award-winning entertainment family, Ryan discovered his passion for storytelling at a young age. Throughout his teenage years, he honed his craft by making short films with his friends and eventually pursued his passion academically.


After college, Ryan joined the workforce and quickly climbed the creative ladder, working his way up from Production Assistant to Editor in just three short years. As the youngest senior unionized editor at the time, Ryan gained essential skills that would later make him a better filmmaker. With a strong background in post-production, Ryan decided to shift his focus to camera work and worked his way up to become an award-winning Cinematographer.


With a wealth of experience under his belt, Ryan took the next step in his career and combined his talent and experience to become a Director. He is most proud to combine his unique style as a Cinematographer with his knowledge of storytelling from his time as an Editor, resulting in a well-rounded and executed product that is both stylized and high-end.


Ryan Correll's dedication to his craft, along with his extensive experience and unique style, and passion for filmmaking, make him a talented and valuable addition to any film project.

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